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At Quinte Health, we couldn’t be prouder of our dedicated, interprofessional team at the Quinte Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC), who help thousands of local children and youth with special needs. Clearly, our partners at the John M. and Bernice Parrott Foundation agree! Today, we are thrilled to recognize the Foundation’s $200,000 donation to the CTC and to share the story behind it.

At times, it can be a significant financial strain on families and caregivers to provide the sometimes-extensive resources that will help their child or youth thrive.  Recently, CTC Social Worker Jocelyn Plane went on a mission to try to secure funding to help a child and their family obtain the equipment support they needed. Sadly, no funding sources seemed to fit.   Someone along the way asked Jocelyn if she had considered approaching the Parrott Foundation – and the seed was planted. 

“One thing that I know our entire CTC holds near and dear to our hearts is to have the ability to support our clients, families, caregivers, and community partners wherever we can,” explained CTC Director Heather Menaldo. “We’re passionate about this! Our team truly lives the Quinte Health values on the day-to-day here at the CTC.”

With the support of Quinte Health’s Senior Leadership Team, Heather and her team worked with the Parrott Foundation to imagine the development of a fund for situations like this one, where no other funding sources are a match. Thanks to the Parrott Foundation, the CTC team will now have a fund to access when all other options are exhausted.

“Every single child and youth we serve deserves every opportunity to meet their fullest potential,” explained Stacey Daub, President and CEO, Quinte Health. “This funding will go directly toward families and caregivers enabling a more supportive and enriching environment for their child’s growth and development.”

The CTC team is deeply grateful for this generous donation and is looking forward to engaging with families and caregivers to develop and expand this fund over the next couple of years.

The Parrott Foundation has made several contributions to Quinte Health for the benefit of local health services over the years, including in support of the Intensive Care Unit expansion, the replacement of Nuclear Medicine cameras, and the new hospital build in Picton.

“I am deeply grateful for the tremendous impact the Parrott Foundation has made on our hospitals and services, as well as the communities we collectively serve,” concluded Daub. “I am in awe of the breadth and scope of the Foundation and the positive changes it has brought about, continuing the tremendous legacy of John M. and Bernice Parrott.”