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Having a Baby at Quinte Health 


Having a Baby at Quinte Health 

Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! 

We care for families during labour, delivery, and after your baby is born. Our approach is family-centred care. This means that you, your baby, and your family are the focus of our care. We care for you together, so that you and your family can form a strong bond with your baby. 

Keeping our Patients and Teams Safe 

We are asking that all pregnant patients call the Maternal Child Unit at 613-969-7400 extension 2345, OR your midwife, prior to coming to Quinte 7 for any reason. This includes reasons like when you feel you may be in labour, or if you have a concern about your pregnancy. This will allow the health care team to pre-screen you, direct you to the best place for care, and allow the team to be prepared to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Our Current Visiting Policy 

As we balance the need for safety with the important role that care partners play, we continue to have some limitations on care partner and visitor access at this time. Click here for the Maternal Child visiting policy.

Care partners and visitors are not permitted to eat in patient rooms.