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Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection


Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection

Quinte Health routinely provides information to the public through its website, Board of Directors, Communications department, and other communications methods. A request for information that is contained in Quinte Health’s records can also be made formally under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). However, it is not necessary to file an official request for information that is routinely released to the public.  

Informal Requests for Information

You do not always need to submit a formal freedom of information request for information from Quinte Health. Informal inquiries are welcomed and can be directed to, (613) 969-7400 or (613) 332-2825 (Bancroft area). Your question or request will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

If you would like to have access to your own health record after you have been discharged, contact our Health Records department.

Formal Requests for Information

If you are not able to find the information online or by informally requesting the information from the hospital, anyone can submit a formal freedom of information request by following these steps:

  • Complete the application form or put your request in writing.
  • Include your name, address, and day-time telephone number. This information will be kept confidential by the Freedom of Information Coordinator and will only be used to contact you for more information and to send you the requested records.
  • Submit your written request to Quinte Health.
  • You will receive notification that your request has been received and if we need more information to process your request, the Freedom of Information Coordinator will contact you.
  • The Freedom of Information Coordinator will also contact you if you will be charged more than $25 to process your request.
  • There may be additional charges related to the cost of searching for, preparing, and sending the information requested. Please be very specific about the material you are requesting. The more details provided will assist in searching and obtaining information and reduce additional fees.
  • Quinte Health is obligated to respond to your request within 30 days after it is received, unless there are specific exceptions in the legislation that allow for an extension on a particular request. You will be notified if your request will take more than 30 days.

Privacy Frequently Asked Questions

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