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Students and Residents 


Medical Student/Resident Opportunities 

Quinte Health strives to be a leader in interprofessional education, working with our educational partners to plan and deliver a high-quality learning experience for all members of our learning community. 

Quinte Health currently has several residents and medical students from across Ontario who participate in elective and core rotations at all four of our hospital sites. 

Am I eligible? 

Quinte Health currently accepts residents and medical students from Canadian accredited medical universities 

How to set up an elective? 

Contact Quinte Health (see contact information) stating the: 

  • Date of your elective 
  • Type of rotation (e.g., Family Medicine) 
  • Site preference 

Quinte Health will then contact you with the details of your elective. 
It will then be the resident’s/medical student’s responsibility to ensure Quinte Health receives a letter from their Program Director stating the following: 

  • The student is in good standing with the program 
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate year in which the student is currently enrolled 
  • The date of the requested elective 
  • The name of the preceptor 
  • The rotation that will be undertaken 
  • Confirmation of an insurance plan through the program 

Please fax the letter to (613) 969-1451. 

Attention third-year and fourth-year medical students! 

The Eastern Regional Medical Education Program (ERMEP), offers third and fourth-year medical students funding under the OMA elective guidelines. If you are interested in doing a rotation at Quinte Health, please contact ERMEP directly at 1-866-903-7637.

If you require more information please contact: 

Julie Shaver – Education and Student Placement Assistant 
Quinte Health 
1-800-483-2811 ext. 2718  

Sandra Whan 
Assistant Director 
Eastern Regional Medical 
Education Program