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Accessing Images


Accessing Images

Quinte Health utilizes a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) with the provincial Data Image Repository (HDIRS). This increases the efficiency of the Diagnostic Imaging department, as radiologists can access images at any time, resulting in better patient care.

Your personal health information will be disclosed only to care providers involved in your personal care unless you have expressly withheld or withdrawn your consent. Examples of care providers may include your attending doctors, nurses, family doctor or specialist.

A new initiative aimed at providing seamless patient-centred care began at Quinte Health on April 1, 2019. Patients have an additional option for obtaining their images and reports after their Diagnostic procedure has been completed. Rather than requesting a CD copy and returning at a later date to retrieve it, patients can now access their images online via Pocket Health. Patients can ensure their images are getting to any physician, anywhere, by easily sharing a URL link via email or fax, or they can upload their images to a USB or CD and bring them to their appointment.

How Do Patients Access their Images?

There are 2 ways to access images:

Instead of having to pick up and carry around a CD, PocketHealth allows you to:

  • Instantly access your imaging records anytime, on any device
  • Share your imaging in full diagnostic quality with your physician or specialist
  • Permanently and safely store your records – strong privacy and encryption protocols keep your medical information as secure as your banking information