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A photo of North Hastings Hospital from many years ago.

The North Hastings community began planning for a hospital in 1924 by raising $10,000 to pay for a building. This health post was opened in Bancroft in 1927, and primarily dealt with injuries sustained in local mining operations.

Many of the same citizens rallied to support the next hospital building, which opened in 1949 under the auspices of the Red Cross Society.

The Red Cross Hospital was subsequently merged with Belleville General Hospital in 1983 and was given the name “North Hastings District Hospital”. It underwent an expansion in 1985, whereby the Emergency Department was enlarged to accommodate a Radiology room and three additional stretcher bays. Health Records and Administrative space were also added at that time.

The hospital became known as “Quinte Health Care North Hastings” upon the amalgamation of the hospitals in Bancroft, Belleville, Picton, and Trenton in November 1998.

In April 2002, patients, employees, physicians, and volunteers moved into a new hospital building located at 1-H Manor Lane in Bancroft. The hospital is co-located with the Hastings Centennial Manor, run by Hastings County in what is known as the “North Hastings Health Centre”. Once again, significant community support was provided to raise funds, plan, and build the new hospital. The result is a well-designed and functional facility that will serve the community for generations to come.

In 2022, the family of four hospitals in Bancroft, Belleville, Picton and Trenton was renamed Quinte Health.