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Gary Mitchell, Quinte Health Board Member, delivered the following Values in Action Award presentation at the Board of Directors meeting on March 26, 2024:

“At the beginning of each meeting of the Quinte Health Board of Directors, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on the great work of a team, or a team member, who brings our Quinte Health values to life—Imagine it’s you, Value everyone, We all make a difference, and Stronger together. Today, we are pleased to recognize Joe McKenzie, the full-time maintenance team member at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.

Maintenance staff members play a crucial role in hospitals, ensuring the smooth functioning of facilities that are vital for patient care. As we eagerly await the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital, Joe goes above and beyond to address the frequent issues that arise in our aging, 65-year-old hospital.

Since he joined the Quinte Health team in 2018, Joe has been a behind-the-scenes champion working to keep the building functioning as it should to enable our teams to provide care close to home for County residents.

Patient Services Manager Lisa Mowbray is grateful for Joe’s dedication. She described a recent event where one of the hospital’s two hot water heaters failed. In a hospital, a broken-down water heater can lead to service disruptions for the Medical Device Reprocessing team, Dialysis, Food Services, and can impact everyday care and showers for inpatients.

Lisa said that Joe took quick action to ensure services remained uninterrupted. He quickly assessed the potential effects on patients, engaged relevant stakeholders, and mobilized the necessary resources.  According to Lisa, “Whether it is equipment on the roof, the boiler room, or the crawl space, Joe knows every nook and cranny and keeps us operational.”

Quinte Health Facilities Services Manager, Eric Card, agrees, noting Joe’s dedication to assisting hospital staff with daily requests, and his resourcefulness in keeping the aging hospital in working order.

Not only is Joe committed to his trade—he’s also a joy to have on the team.  According to Foundation staff member Briar Boyce, “Joe is the first to say hello and is always willing to loan his tools. He’s innovative, diligent, and quick to answer the call when a situation arises. Joe is always there with his maintenance cart, often with a witty comment and a laugh. He cares for everyone in this building without asking for anything in return… except maybe the return of his tools.”

Clearly, Joe’s hard work and dedication are genuinely appreciated by the hospital team.

Joe, the Quinte Health Board of Directors would like to acknowledge your superb efforts with the Values in Action Award.  Please come forward to accept your certificate. We thank you for everything that you do as part of the Quinte Health team here at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.”