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Jennifer Dadson has a lot to be proud of.

She is the first BioMed ever to win the prestigious Thomas E Dunham Service Award from her employer, GE.

Jen is a Technical Account Manager, supporting Biomedical Engineering at Quinte Health (and other hospitals).

The award is given based on customer satisfaction, growth, entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and team leadership. The award has traditionally focused on Diagnostic Imaging field engineers, but this year GE initiated a 2nd Thomas E Dunham award specifically for excelling in BioMed Support.

Jen was chosen as the winner out of more than 1,000 BioMeds across North America!

While Jen supports Quinte Health’s Biomedical Engineering team, she has also been heavily involved in Lumeo.

“Jen’s leadership with Lumeo is truly outstanding,” said Gina Johar, Quinte Health Vice President and Chief Digital Officer. “She has a lot of experience in clinical systems integrations and we would not even be close to where we need to be without Jen on the team. The team deeply respects and loves working with her.”

While Jen will officially be recognized by GE in April, a few Quinte Health leaders met to celebrate and thank her for her hard work and contributions.

“We are so happy for Jen,” said Stacey Daub, Quinte Health President and CEO. “She has been an incredible source for good—supporting the BioMed and Lumeo teams—with a real focus on quality and improvement.”