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Stacey Daub, Quinte Health President and CEO, is "walking a mile" with #TeamQuinteHealth! Stacey loves meeting Quinte Health team members in their environment to understand the experience of our teams and patients, and experience it with them. This month, Stacey met with Heather Rutledge, a Belleville General Hospital (BGH) Auxiliary member and the Convenor of the Emergency Department (ED) volunteers.

She has devoted her time to the ED for the last 15 years and Quinte Health for 25 years. She started out volunteering with her dog, Sasky, who was a registered therapy dog with St. John Ambulance. Due to COVID, the volunteer program was temporarily on hold, but the volunteers are now back to full strength. The BGH ED is supported by 21 volunteers who serve patients and visitors from Monday to Friday, contributing to approximately 2,080 hours per year.