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On September 26th, the Quinte Health Board of Directors presented two staff members of the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) team with a Values in Action Award for their work supporting those with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. 

According to CTC Director Margaret Van Beers, this program is relatively new, and Kerri and Kristine have been key to building this service at the CTC.  They consistently go above and beyond in advocating for and supporting children and youth in our community with this disorder. 

“The challenges individuals with this condition face are diverse – no two individuals present the same way and Kerri and Kristine meet every child, youth and family with compassion and curiosity,” Margaret explained.  “They use a strengths-based approach to celebrate each child or youth’s uniqueness as they help them to navigate their relationships and environments.  A key component of their role is building the capacity of caregivers, health professionals, schools, and other community partners to better understand and support children and youth with the disorder.”

The month of September is National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month, so members of the Board sported red shoes during the meeting to shine a light on the work of these remarkable team members and the importance of education and support for this disorder. Red shoes symbolize the strengths and uniqueness of this community. 

Learn more about Kerri’s and Kristine’s work and the patients they support.